Alco Oil Failure Control FD113-ZU

Product Summary


– Adjustable Time Delay: 20 to 150 seconds
– Operating Voltage: 24 to 240V dc/ac
– Inductive Amps: 3A/230 Vac
– Ambient Temperature Range: -20 deg C to 70 deg C
– Electrical Contacts: 2 x S.P.D.T.

Product Information
Part Number FD113-ZU

Technical Information


Diff. Pressure – Factory Setting 70kPa
Diff. Pressure – Fixed Cut-In Above Cut-Out 20 Over Off
Maximum Operating Pressure 80kPa to 1200kPa
Maximum Test Pressure -10kPa & 2300kPa
Pressure Connection 1/4″ Flare M