کمپانی گالوانیک از تولید کنندگان تجهیزات اندازه گیری و آنالایزر های گاز و مایع  در کشور کانادا می باشد. از پرکاربرد ترین آنالایزر های این شرکت می توان به آنالایزر های گاز سولفور هیدروژن (H2S) نام برد که در صنایع حفاری نفت و گاز و نیز صنعت پزشکی کاربرد دارد.

شرکت نوین پترو توانایی تامین انواع آنلایزرها و همچنین تجهیزات یدکی از جمله نوارهای اغشته به استات سرب این کمپانی را دارا می باشد.


Galvanic Applied Sciences Inc. solves critical process-analysis and measurement problems for customers worldwide with our full line of rugged, fit-for-purpose gas- and liquid-measurement systems. We engineer all of our systems and components to deliver uncompromising accuracy, reliability, and long-term value to users, even in the most-challenging process environments. That’s why multinationals and small companies alike turn to us again and again – they count on our attention to detail, applications know-how, and exacting quality standards. We work with customers to tailor each system to meet their site-specific process requirements and to provide unparalleled support through installation, training, and long-term product maintenance. A private company headquartered in Calgary, AB, Canada, with a facility in Lowell, MA, USA, Galvanic supports a global network of dedicated sales and service engineers, as well as value-added distributors to serve the needs of customers.