Quick Overview :
Block and Bleed Manifold, 1/4 NPT, 316 Stainless Steel, Needle – Needle Configuration, 10,000 psi / 690 bar, 1/4 Vent Bleed.

A 2 Valve Block & Bleed Gauge / Instrument Manifold. The angled bonnets allow for either panel or pipe mounting. The manifold design permits controlled venting of the instrument for calibration and or removal from the circuit, whilst leaving the process intact.

Features & Benefits

Robust one piece body construction.
Anti-blow out stem.
Non-rotating, anti-galling tip as standard.
Viton / RTFE stem sealing – maintenance free.
Metal to Metal seating.
Back seating needle.
Unique patented product compact in design to save space and weight.
European patent granted EP2242943.
Full material traceability and individual serial number stamped on the valve.
Stem seal design prevents galling and contamination.
Thread milled connections for improved sealing.
In compliance with NACE MR-01-75 / ISO 15156 as standard.
Anti Tamper T-Bar option.
Pressure energised stem sealing.
Metal to Metal body joint to prevent thread contamination.

Panel mount as standard.

Technical Data

Material grades – UNS S31600 / S31603 Stainless Steel (Standard Material).

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1/4 NPT
Block and Bleed Needle Valve Manifold