Galvanic has been a long-time leader in Tape-Based H2S/Total Sulfur Analyzers, and continues to innovate, designing and building cost-effective systems that optimize performance in the harshest monitoring environments. Galvanic’s ProTech903TMGas Analyzers deliver fast, extremely sensitive and accurate analysis of H2S and total sulfur, arsinephosphine, or phosgene, depending on which analyzer you choose.

The Protech903™ Family of Tape-Based H2S/ Total Sulfur Analyzers Can Improve Both Quality And Economics

  • Low detection limits and outperform all other analytical methods in the critical application range of 0 to 15 ppmv.
  • Easy remote-access capability and fast, accurate analyte-specific measurement – you have all you need to monitor critical parameter levels to improve product quality and lower costs, ensure pipeline, equipment, and public safety, or meet regulatory and contractual compliance targets.
  • Interference free and are not matrix dependent
  • Low total cost of ownership marks the ProTech903TM series as the highest-value tape-based analyzers on the market today

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  • Proven colorimetric paper-tape technology
  • Fast response-analysis time to quantify increasing or decreasing concentration levels
  • Unbeatable performance: 5 ppbv sensitivity level; low ranges 0 to 1 ppmv and 0 to 100 ppbv
  • Rugged, field-proven construction and five- to 14-week tape lifetime enable hands-off operation for extended periods of time (tape life depends upon application)
  • Designed for easy serviceability throughout
  • Comprehensive, “smart” self-diagnostics coupled with remote access enables fast and easy issue identification and resolution
  • 10 quick-status indicator lights (LED) and large, easy-read visual display (LCD)
  • Proprietary Tape Assurance System assures smooth, trouble-free operation
  • User-friendly Windows® -based software with graphical interface
  • Solar power option for remote area operation

Food & Beverage
  • Food-grade CO2
Natural Gas Pipeline
Natural Gas Processing
Oil & Refining / Petrochemical
  • Stack emissions for reporting
  • Industrial hygiene/ worker safety
  • Organic synthesis – phosgene